About Us

Understand, s.r.o. is composed of people like you. We understand our job and build on the individual quality of each and one of us. We know the meaning behind the text can be lost in translation if not given appropriate care.

Therefore, communication is our goal and means.

First we try to understand your needs and then we try to communicate them to our co-operators. We believe this is the right path to real understanding.

Time is the best evaluator of co-operation. For our regular clients, we create internal glossaries representing the terminology database used within their company. Therefore, for example, the internal regulations of your company translated by us two years ago will contain the same terminology as the one that is currently being translated for you.

What makes Understand, s.r.o. different?

In addition to our standard quality services, we offer:

  • a fixed price (calculated from the source text and not changed thereafter);
  • review included in the price (for all translations into Slovak, English and German);