New client discount 5 % discount on the first order
One-off translation discount for more than 50 SP 3 %
One-off translation discount for more than 100 SP

5 %

Our contractual clients are offered special discount prices and additional services. Such discounts are based on the volume/regularity of translations, or on our position as an exclusive language services provider. In this case, our regular customers can, among other things, gain the following advantages:

a) individually agreed contractual prices and a guarantee to maintain them at this level for a given time period;

b) free linguistic consultancy in Slovak (grammar, stylistics, standardness);

c) the creation of a terminology database to keep all translations homogenous in terminology;

d) certified translations in combination with English, with very favourable deadlines and no commission fees.

Should you be interested in co-operation with us, please contact us by e-mail or phone.